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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With that in mind, I would like to personally thank Kim Henkel for keeping the spirit of XTree alive with ZTreeWin - a text mode XTree clone for Windows 95/98/NT that supports a variety of file viewers and archive programs.

Mathias Winkler's XTree Fan Page is an excellent source of information about XTree, the people and the products.

Victor Garcia's ZTreeWin Unofficial Homepage is a great source of XTreeGold and ZTreeWin information.

Articles, Information, and People

Only The Good (Software) Dies Young   Article at by Bruce Brown

Softpanorama File Managers Site   If you need info, this is THE page to read

The Hand of God   An interesting view of our chaotic world

Todd Walker   A key member of the XTreeGold development team

XTree Fan Page   Excellent source of information about XTree

XTree Tips   Article by Tom Ruben at the Sutton Library Computer Club

File Archivers

ARJ and JAR   File archivers for DOS and 32 bit Windows by Robert Jung

File Managers

Explor2000   File manager for 32 bit Windows by Christian Maufroy

UnixTree   XTreeGold look-alike for the Unix and Linux systems by Rob Juergens

Ytree   XTree look-alike file and archive browser for UNIX by Werner Bregulla

ZTreeWin   Text mode XTreeGold clone for 32 bit Windows by Kim Henkel

File Viewers

Paul's Graphics Viewer   Fast graphics file viewing with filters, thumbnails, and icons

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